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1) Demo KNPB Disbanded, 11 secured, 1 Wound

2) KNPB Dogiyai: Celebrate Anniversary of KNPB, Here's Sacrifice

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Friday, 21 November 2014 14:43
1) Demo KNPB Disbanded, 11 secured, 1 Wound

Jayapura-A member of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Ansalmus Pigay, Wednesday (19/11) suffered a gunshot wound dibetis right, shortly after security forces disperse the demonstrations KNPB, group that advocates separation of Papua from the Homeland in Moenamani, Capital City District Dogiay , the interior of Papua.
In addition to causing one injury, police also secured 11 members KNPB. Head of Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr Pudjo told Antara in Jayapura on Thursday, said the report was received revealed the incident started with a demonstration of about 300 members of the KNPB held in Moanemani, Dogiay District.
Security forces, including members of the Police You Koramil You assisted members, and members of Battalion 753, Brimob and the TNI-AU Paskhas members have attempted to disperse the group.
But the plea was ignored even had heard the sound of gunfire that security forces issued a warning shot.

Ansalmus Pigay hit by rubber bullets and is now receiving treatment in hospitals Enarotali, Pudjo Sr. said.
Say, the 11th member of the Elias secured KNPB Anauw, Marthen Mote, Agus Waine, David Pigai, Marthen Pigome, Paul Marthen Edoway, Alpos Edoway, Stepanus Goo, Ferdinand Pekey, Pigai William, and Thomas Waine.
In addition to securing the 11 members of the KNPB, the police also seized five flags KNPB and other material evidence.
When asked about the shooter, Head of the Papua Police spokesman admitted, until now the culprit has not been established.
"Head Propam Papua Police Chief Commissioner Bambang, will lead the investigation into Dogiay to ascertain who the shooter," I'm the Head of the Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr Pudjo. (ant / don / l03)

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2) KNPB Dogiyai: Celebrate Anniversary of KNPB, Here's Sacrifice
 Author: Pilemon Keiya | Sunday, November 23, 2014 12:27 Read: 147 Comments: 0

Logo KNPB. Photo: Ist

Dogiyai STEP MAGAZINE - Reportedly, Wednesday (11/19/2014) joint army / police forcibly dispersed past actions in order to commemorate anniversary of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) 6th, KNPB accommodated Dogiyai region, in Moanemani, district Dogiyai.

One resident Dogiyai, DM, to, via cell phone justify it. DM said, so far there are two people were slightly injured, one gunshot wound in the leg and a broken leg and one another seriously wounded in both ears due to hit with the butt of weapons.

While about 6 people had been detained in the police station Moanemani. "Those who were arrested in terang2 that there are 6 people in the police station so they do with it do not know," he said

Initially, he said, there were dozens of members of the KNPB action. The security forces gave a speech just 30 minutes.

Action takes place safely, but passes the time specified by the security so that security forces forcibly disperse immediately.

"So I saw this, which struck Adaa not good until they hit with the butt of weapons continues to exist a few kids who kicked with boots," he explained.

Finally, note, following the name of each victim. David Pigai hit by a gunshot in the left leg calf. The bullet is still lodged in the foot. Arsel Pigai, police shot hot lead right foot. Okto Tebay being shot in the right leg.

While 13 Dogiyai KNPB activists who can catch, among others:
1. Aneas Anou (secretary of KNPB Dogiyai)
2. Marsel Sau Edowai (KNPB spokesman Dogiyai)
3. David Pigai (chairman of KNPB Dogiyai region)
4. Agus Waine
5. Marten Pigome
6. Okto Tebay
7.Fery Pekey
8. Wilem Pigai
9. Ausel Pigai (a)
10. Ausel Pigai (b)
11. Stephen Goo
12. Thomas Waine

The 12 activists were arrested along with the KNPB Dogiyai pre victim peulu then taken to the police station the police Nabire (Philemon Keiya / MS)

1) Three KNPB Members shot in legs, 11 secured

3) Repealing the special Autonomy Law is Unconstituional

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Friday, November 21, 2014, 22:59:00
1) Three Legs Shot KNPB Members, 11 secured
CARRY ARROW รข € "Hundreds of residents in the Peak District is currently run by carrying traditional weapons such as arrows within the event of post-conflict peace between communities, Tuesday (18/11) ago. While in the District Dogiyai exactly happened after the group clashed in the area KNPB anarchist action on Thursday (20/11) yesterday.In Action Anarchist KNPB in Dogiyai

Jayapura-Three members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) shot in the legs using rubber bullets in clashes between members of the security forces combined KNPB-military Police. Clashes itself triggered by anarchist action performed by the KNPB in Terminal Monamani, Kamo District, Dogiyai District, Wednesday (19/11) at 11:00 CET.  In addition to the three people shot in the leg, 11 others are also secured by the security forces for committing anarchy without his permission. One man who was shot had been evacuated to hospitals in Paniai named Anselm Pigai (25), the two names are unknown. While the eleven people who were secured MM (26), AW (23), DP (22), PM (30), EA (27), AE (23), SG (17), FP (16), WP (18) and TW (25).  Papua Deputy Police Chief Brig. Drs Paul Waterpauw confirmed the KNPB members were shot during the KNPB members to take action in order HUT KNPB in Dogiyai.  According to Deputy Police Chief, a similar incident had occurred in Nabire, but successfully dissolved by the Nabire police chief, while in the District Dogiyai even clashes.  "We've received reports that three people were shot in the leg members of KNPB, this happens in Dogiyai. This is actually a law enforcement officer who conducted related to the place and time is limited, it turns out they no backlash so resolute efforts made by the authorities that three people were injured. But they are all safe and have been hospitalized, "said Deputy Police Chief told reporters.  One platoon members Dalmas also directly deployed to the area to control the situation. Until Thursday (20/11) situation in the district was safe Dogiyai control.  "We are still waiting for the report. What is clear is increasing in Dogiyai situation, but it is safe at this time. Because there does not yet exist Police, still in the Nabire police station. For other Papua region, all went well, including in the city of Jayapura also safe, "said Deputy Police Chief.  Meanwhile, Head of Profession and Security of Papua Regional Police Commissioner Pol. Bambang NLI through Kasubdit Professional Responsibility (Wabrof), Superintendent M. Duwila, asserts that the existence of the shooting of the KNPB members starting from the rally by KNB. The police have been called on repeatedly persuasively for the mob dispersed."But it turned out to survive the mass and the mass began to take action so that the anarchic dissolution of the effort force by police Kamo, there Koramil, Timsus 753 / Nabire, Brimob BKO too, so then 11 activists successfully secured for allegedly being a provocateur," he said.  Not only do the anarchy, KNPB members also brought homemade firearms and traditional weapons, so that the combined forces issued a warning shot and crippling shots using rubber ammunition downward.  "From this crippling shot, on the right leg and one member of the KNPB Paniai was rushed to the General Hospital," said Duwila.  Papua Police Commissioner Pol Kabidhumas Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono in releasenya sent to Cenderawasih Post Thursday (20/11) night confirms that there are voices in the action three shots were thought to have come from the crowd, so that the members then take cover."A total of 2 banners soccer jersey are daubed, then there is also secured 5 KNPB flag in that activity. Time of the dissolution of the group heard three shots from a shotgun alleged that members find shelter, "he said.   He said that the police chief has ordered Kabidpropam to immediately go to the location in order to assess the overall demonstration process to decision-making for the dissolution of the demo. "It will be the decision-making process and the steps that have been carried out according to the procedure or not, as well as coordinating security with the various parties," he concluded. (Rib / dud)

Yesterday right across West Papua, thousands of people held peaceful gatherings in support of the launching of the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) in the Netherlands. This historic launching was attended by many international lawyers who pledged their support for advocating the legal case to West Papuan self-determination. Demonstrations were also held on 19th as it is exactly 6 years to the day that the mass peaceful civil movement, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) was formed.

The KNPB organised demonstrations to be held in Port Numbay/Jayapura, Biak, Timika, Manokwari, Lapago/Wamena, Pakpak, Sorong, Dogiyai, Merauke, Kaimana and Nabire.

The all the demonstrations held were entirely peaceful but in Nabire and Dogiyai, 3 Papuans were shot and 25 arrested after the Indonesian police opened fire upon the gathering. Some Papuans were also tortured by the Indonesian police.

In Kaimana, the Indonesian police were also present at the gathering there and intimidated and terrorised West Papuans at the event, as they did in Merauke along with Indonesian intelligence.

The largest gathering was held in Timika where thousands of Papuans came together to show their support for the ILWP and KNPB's Anniversary. Papuans who attended the gathering came from all over the country and a video of the demonstration featuring Papuans from the Asmat Region can be seen here:

In all regions where the demonstrations were held, they brought gathered together mass solidarity from the West Papuan people in their unified desire to show their support for those who are advocating their freedom at the international level. Papuans continue to come together from all corners of the country to show their unbreakable desire for the freedom of their people.
It is a desire which will one day be fulfilled and with organisations like the ILWP supporting this struggle internationally, West Papuans are full of hope at their freedom.

We continue to appeal for international solidarity with the West Papuan freedom struggle and we would like to thank you all for all the incredible awareness raising, lobbying and other help which you all consistently show. For more more information about how you can support, please visit

With your help, West Papua will be free

Thank you very much
3) Repealing the special Autonomy Law is Unconstituional

Statement by Executive-Director of LP3BH, Yan Christian Warinussy:
I wish to make it clear that it would be totally against the law and completely unconstitutional to act against the law if the Central
Government were to repeal the  Special Autonomy for Papua. Why is this so?

Article 18B of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia states: 'The State recognises and respects that all special governmental units are governed in accordance with that law and is recognised as such. Article 20 of that law states that 'the State
recognises and respects all units of the community and recognises and respects the traditional rights of indigenous people as long as they
live within and in accordance with the laws ans principles of the law.

According to my understanding of the law, this provision is crucial and basic  to the government of Jakarta's decision when it  granted special status  to the Autonomous to Papua in 2001.
On this basis and in accordance with the afore mentioned Article 18B of the Constitution, the Central Government 's decision to grant special autonomy to the Land of Papua is a fundamentally important provision in the context of developments and the organisation of the
governmental provisions of  Cenderawasih Land.

 This means, in my opinion, that any actions by the Central Government to repeal  the special autonomy status of Papua is an acceptable move and totally baseless accordance to the laws of this country and is a gross violation  of the basic rights of the Papuan
people as stipulated in Articles 77 and 78 of Law No 21/2001 regarding Special Autonomy for the province of Papua.

 In my capacity as a human rights defender in the land of Papua, I herewith urge the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe and the Governor of
West Papua Abraham Octvianus to take immediate action to submit a petition of non-confidence in the ultra-nationalistic government in
Jakarta under the leadership of President Ir H. Joko Widodo.

It is extremely  important to retain the status of special autonomy for the people of Papua as stipulated in Article 18B of Law 21/2001 on
Special Autonomy of the provinces of Papua and West Papua as amended by Law 35/2008.
[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

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Postings in relation to KNPB rallies and ILWP in the Netherlands

Below  are google translations  of postings on Facebook (and local media) in relation to rallies and ILWP in the Netherlands. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. A number of arrest occurred. 


A google translate of article in JUBI. be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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KNPB supports ILWP meeting in the Netherlands
Author: Benny Mawel on November 20, 2014 at 04:09:23 WP
Editor: Victor Mambor
Logo and Ones Suhuniap bazooka Pembacakan ILWP Support Statement (Jubi / Mawel Benny)
Logo and Ones Suhuniap bazooka Pembacakan ILWP Support Statement (Jubi / Mawel Benny)

Abepura, Jubi - Coinciding with the anniversary of Papua National Committee to six on this day, November 19, in the Netherlands, International Lawyer For West Papua (ILWP) held a meeting to discuss the legal status of Papua. The meeting will be closed on November 22.

Of this meeting, the West Papua National Committee political support through KNPB anniversary celebration that took place in the entire region of West Papua from Sorong to Merauke. KNPB own center provides support in the anniversary celebration that took place in the Hall Dormitory Tolikara, Expo Waena, Jayapura, Papua.

According to Spokesperson of KNPB, bazooka Logo, ILWP meeting was attended by international lawyers. The lawyer addressed the issue of Papua through international legal mechanisms.

"International lawyer questioned the issue of Papua. They succeed or not, we have to provide support because they're internationalize the issue of Papua, "he said.

After the political speeches, official statement of support for the meeting in the Netherlands ILWP recited Secretary General of KNPB, Suhuniap Ones. Ones recited three important points.

First, the people of West Papua West Papua region, expressed gratitude and full support ILWP meeting on November 19 to 22 in The Hague Netherlands.

Second, urge the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo to immediately give a referendum for the people of West Papua to self-determination, for all policies in Papua, the Indonesian government is not the solution but a catastrophe for the people of Papua.

Third, strongly rejected the Indonesian government policies, especially the transmigration program and the division of the province and district / town in West Papua.

Once read, the position statement submitted to the National Parliament of West Papua to be forwarded to ILWP. (Mawel Benny)

About Benny Mawel


West Papua National Committee [KNPB]
4 hours ago · Edited
Action and Worship Repotase 6th Anniversary KNPB and West Papua People's Support to ILWP meeting in the Netherlands

Date, November 19, 2014, 12:00 Nehterland time, international lawyers who are members of the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) in the Netherlands has been ongoing. Various lawyers in the Netherlands and from various countries were present. Jenifer Robinson as the founder ILWP was present together with Benny Wenda.

The meeting discussed various legal arguments relating to the settlement of the issue of West Papua through international legal channels in the right of self-determination for West Papua.

The shooting, torture and arrest KNPB activists in Dogiay and Nabire.

In West Papua, the people of West Papua people greeted him with action and worship. Nabire, at 8:30 am, police arrested 13 Colonial Indonesia KNPB activists who were demonstrating peacefully, including the Chairman of KNPB Nabire Region, Sadrak Kudiai. They were beaten and detained at the police station still Nabire. They are:

In Dogiay, KNPB activists who are giving speeches in Market repressed peaceful Moanemani Brimob and Indonesian Colonial Police. 2 People shot and others, including administrators Region KNPB setampat Brimob and police torture. 2 Citizens (not yet identified) is still critical in hospital Moanemani. Meanwhile, police detained dozens of KNPB activists in Dogiay.

Safe in Various Areas Held in Terror Bring Indonesian Military

In Yakuhimo, coordinated KNPB Thousands of people and cripple the city Dekai PRD region. They celebrated the 6th anniversary of the KNPB and support Pertemaun ILWP in the Netherlands, November 19, 2014. While in Timika, thousands of people meet building PRD and KNPB Mimika. Enlivened the action of the various tribal dances and cake cutting ULTA KNPB to 6.

In Biak, Biak Indigenous housed in the Hall, KNPB and PRD mediates the people in worship and fuel sukuran stones together. In Merauke, Led Chairman of the PRD and KNPB, anniversary celebrations and support ILWP in the Netherlands took place under the Indonesian military terror that fill the pages of the Office KNPB Merauke.

In Wamena, people participate in the establishment of worship led by the Chairman of KNPB Baliem area, Simeon Dabi and KNPB activists and other PRD. Meanwhile In Jayapura, KNPB and PNWP celebrated in the Hall Building Student Tolikara. The event was very lively. Central Governing Body (CPP) besera Region KNPB Sentani and Jayapura enliven this event. They read the statement as a rejection of the colonial agenda Proliferation and Transmigration.

Meanwhile, Pak-Pak, Kaimana, Digoel, Asmat, Mnukwar, and shoves the action is in progress and the same rite. They demanded a referendum for West Papua. They continue to support the legal process driven by ILWP.

Through the 6th Anniversary of the KNPB, people expect a full on real conscious resistance. Although colonial Indonesia memenjarahkan, torture, stalking and killing of KNPB activists, the fight is expected to continue to run in an effort to save the people of West Papua are increasingly depleted under Indonesian colonial rule.

Google translate of postings on KNPB Facebook page. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa posting below.

West Papua National Committee [KNPB]
12 hours ago
NABIRE KNPBNews: Wednesday date, 19 nov 2014 hours. 80.30 wpb. When berlangsun Anniversary KNPB to 6 arrests Nabire region of KNPB activists and parliament, yqng arrested by the police and military combined. Who can catch them: 1. Sadrak Kudiai chairman of KNPB Nabire, 2. Alex Pigai secretary of KNPB Nabire, 3. Japheth Keiya PRDN 4. agus tebai diplomacy chief commissioner, 5. Mekii kadepa KNPB members, 6. kristina Yeimo KNPB members, 7. Hans edowai members of KNPB, 8. Stephen edowai KNPB members, 9. Elijah tebai KNPB members, 10. Nathan Pgai KNPB members, 11.niko mote KNPB members, 12. Albian kadepa KNPB members, 13 Deserius Goo activists.
Until recently they were detained Nabire police station.

The same thing, KNPB Dogiyai region during the celebration of the anniversary of the KNPB TO 6 Currently ongoing activities shootings and arrests terhadapa KNPB activists among them; 1. Yupius dogomo, Aeneas Anow 2., 3. Edowai, 4. Chairman of KNPB ye northern sector, 5. Perpuan 1.
Penankapan was conducted by Police and Brimob who served in the district. Dogiyai, they can hit, torture and soak in the pool, samapai currently exist on the part of officials.

Which can fire as unknown

Info will complete dimenyusul.

NABIRE KNPBNews: hari rabu tanggal, 19 nov 2014 jam. 80.30 wpb. Saat berlangsun HUT KNPB ke 6 wilayah nabire terjadi penangkapan terhadap para aktifis KNPB dan parlemen, yqng ditangkap oleh pihak aparat kepolisian and TNI gabungan. Yg dapat tangkap antaranya: 1. Sadrak Kudiai ketua knpb nabire, 2. Alex Pigai sekertaris Knpb nabire, 3. Yafet keiya PRDN 4. agus tebai kepala komisariat diplomasi, 5. Mekii kadepa anggota knpb, 6. kristina yeimo anggota Knpb, 7. Hans edowai anggota knpb, 8. Stevanus edowai anggota knpb, 9. Elia tebai anggota knpb, 10. Natan Pgai anggota knpb, 11.niko mote anggota knpb, 12. Albian kadepa anggota knpb, 13 Deserius Goo aktifis.
Sampai saat ini mereka ada ditahanan polres nabire.

Hal yang sama juga, KNPB wilayah dogiyai saat perayaan HUT KNPB KE 6 Saat berlangsung kegiatan terjadi penembakan dan penangkapan terhadapa para aktifis KNPB antaranya; 1. Yupius dogomo, 2. Eneas Anow, 3. Edowai, 4. Ketua sektor knpb kamu utara, 5. Perpuan 1.
Penankapan ini dilakukan oleh BRIMOB POLDA PAPUA yang bertugas di kab. Dogiyai, mereka dapat pukul, siksa dan rendam didalam kolam, samapai saat ini ada dipihak aparat.

Yang dapat tembak saat belum diketahui

Info selengkap akan dimenyusul.
Timika. Thousands of people of West Papua to occupy the earth Amungsa KNPB Timika to celebrate the anniversary of VI, Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

KNPB Anniversary dibukan with Kamora Asmat tribal dance, then proceed with the prayer of thanksgiving to the VI KNPB that started at 09:00, WPB, Cutting the cake.

The event occurred meria ribuaan Rayat KNPB West Papua MIMIKA crowded office. KNPB Anniversary All-Mimika Region VI in Timika Runs fine until finished at 12:00 pm.
Timika . Ribuan Rakyat West Papua menduduki bumi Amungsa Timika merayakan HUT KNPB ke VI, Rabu 19 November 2014.

HUT KNPB dibukan dengan Tarian adat suku Kamora Asmat, setelah itu dilanjutkan dengan ibadah pengucapan syukur KNPB yang ke VI dimulai pukul 09:00, WPB, Pemotongan kue.

Acara berlansung meria ribuaan Rayat West Papua memadati kantor KNPB MIMIKA. HUT KNPB Ke VI di Wilayah Mimika-Timika Berjalan dengan baik sampai selesai pada jam 12:00 siang.


West Papua National Committee
Celebrate Anniversary of VI KNPB with Worship, recite Three Political Attitudes
By: Ardi Bayage | Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 6:46 pm | Viewed: 34 times

Celebrate Anniversary of VI KNPB with Worship, recite Three Political Attitudes

Board and Members KNPB pose together at the end of the worship celebration (Photo: Ardi Bayage / Sound Papua).

Jayapura, --- Today's Birthday (HUT) VI-West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Wednesday (11/19/2014) afternoon, celebrated with a thanksgiving worship, in the Student Dormitory Tolikara, Waena, Jayapura, Papua .

Joint worship celebration was organized by the Central Governing Body (CPP) KNPB.
1 Chairman of KNPB, Agus Kosay, in his speech, said that the West Papuan struggle has been going on for 54 years.
"The struggle for Papuan independence is not six years old, but already the second volume, is the only organization KNPB six years old. I need to point out these things to be understood together, that the people of West Papua struggled for decades, "said Agus.
Affirmed, the struggle for self-determination West Papuans from the past until now and later will not penah stop.
"We still continued to fight, because this is the political rights of West Papuans to determine the political fate in the future," he said.
Further stated, KNPB existing before Indonesia invaded this land, at that time an organization called the National Committee for West Papua. "Agency administrators Center West Papua National Committee mengucapkaan greetings to all the children of domestic struggle and sympathizers," said Kosay on the sidelines of his speech.
Thanks are also due to Tolikara Students who are willing to provide a place to celebrate the anniversary of VI KNPB.
According to the KNPB, another student dormitories were never allowed to use the hall they held worship, especially the discussions and other similar activities. "It's amazing, because it gave us a place of prayer together. Other hostel can not, for whatever reason, perhaps because of fear of KNPB, "duganya.
The same warnings, according to the KNPB, held not only in Jayapura, but in some areas, both within and outside Papua. "We are here celebrating the anniversary year, as well as our friends in the Netherlands did the same coordinated by Mr. Benny Wenda," he explained.
Up to the sixth year, according to Agus, KNPB active members can be counted on the fingers. Even if the worship was attended by many people, they are male and female students in various colleges in the city and Jayapura.
In contemplation of God's Word, which is hosted by one of the pastors who entrusted, say, the victory can be achieved through effort, struggle, stream of sweat, tears, and even lives though.
"David just could kalakan big Goliath, we must also pray Papua earnest until the fight is supported by God, there must have been a victory," said Pastor preach.
"We have serious commitment in accordance with the theme of our anniversary celebration KNPB is that opponent. Commitment is the key word to perform it, "said Pastor.
On this occasion, on behalf of the People's KNPB West Papua for the three statements.
First, in the territory of the People of Papua West Papua, expressed gratitude and full support for ILWP meeting on 19-22 November 2014, The Hague, Netherlands.
Second, urge the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo provide immediate referendum for the people of West Papua to self-determination (Self-Determination), for all policies in Papua is not a solution, but a disaster for the people of Papua.
Third, all firmly Rejecting the government's policy of transmigration program and expansion of the provincial and district / city in West Papua.
Editor: Mary


Nabire Papuan People Support Launch ILWP Section Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The launch of International Lawyers for West Papua or the launch of the Dutch kingdom part ILWP which took place on 19 November 2014 in The Hague Netherlands, received the full support of the people of Papua in the region, especially in the region Meepago Nabire. The people of Papua in Nabire region mediated by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Nabire area down the road medukung launch peaceful protest ILWP part of the Netherlands and commemorate the anniversary of the fifth, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) on November 19, 2014.
At 07.00 WPB future action mediated by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Nabire area who came expressed support for the launch of the Royal Netherlands ILWP parts and commemorate the anniversary of the fifth, the West Papua National Committee gathered at the time Bobo and Market Reef.
A short time later at 08.30 WPB, Joint Team Kepolisisn and Brimob dipimin by Nabire police chief, HR Situmeang, SIK, MH comes with the full force of action broke up the crowd who were gathered at the time Bobo and Market Reef. Nabire police chief immediately took hold and hold up one period of action with his gun and then hit him.
The arrests were made by police against activists Nabire West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Nabire region and the people of Papua performed in two places, the first arrest at 07.30 around the area and catching Bobo second time at 08.00 WPB on Market Reef, Nabire.
The activists and citizens who have been able to catch in time, bobo, namely :
1. Agus Tebay (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
2. Deserius Goo (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
3. Alibia Kadepa (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
4. Hans Edoway (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
5. Stephen Edoway (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
6. Kristina Yeimo (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
7. Elian Tebay (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
The activists and citizens who have been able to catch on Market Reef, Nabire at 08.00 WPB namely :
1. Yavet Keiya (Komis Chairman of Foreign Affairs, the National Parliament of West Papua)
2. Sadrak Kudiai (Chairman of Nabire Region KNPB)
3. Alex Pigay (Secretary General Nabire Region KNPB)
4. Nathan Pigome (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
The activists and citizens who had been arrested by a combined team of police chief along the Nabire police, Brimob and the BIN is still being held by the Nabire police station. Thus request the support of all parties to urge the police in Nabire.
Stay for the People Support Launch Part ILWP Netherlands.
Papuan People along the national media of the nation west of Papua, West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Region Nabire not silent though his friends have been captured by Kepolisisn Resort Nabire. Future reconvened action kesek retariat Nabire Region KNPB to worship together as ILWP launch support and prayer together pondering the work of the  National Committee of West Papua at the age of six.
In his speech, Romario E. Yatipai as Vice Chairman of the National Parliament of West Papua who were with the people of Papua in Nabire region said that "The world is looking and fully supports the struggle of the people of Papua to Self-Determination, the power of the people of Papua in the fight is absolutely built in the entire region west of Papua ".
Romario E. Yatipai can also explain the presence of the masses that "the International Lawyers for West Papua is a network of professional law recognizes that the indigenous peoples of West Papua have a fundamental right to Self-Determination, under international law so that lawyers who have come together in a commitment ILWP to fight for the basic rights of the people of West Papua, to the west of Papua became an Independent and Sovereign State ".
This is a report made by Romario E. Yatipai, Vice Chairman of the National Parliament of Papua Regional West Bomberai
A google translate. Be-aware google translates can  be erratic.

Celebrates 6 Years of KNPB, Member Shoot Apparatus KNPB
Written by Telius Yikwa
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 12:12

 News Papua Barat, KNPB --Perayaan 6th Anniversary in Papua tipped with Murder, Arrest and Dissolution Forced by a combination of state officials, along with the TNI and Brimob Police today, (11/19/2014)

KNPB Dogiyai region during the celebration of the anniversary of the KNPB TO 6 When activities take place shootings and arrests terhadapa KNPB activists among them. Four people were reportedly shot and diantarnya 1 Pigai clan world died. The following names are being shot apparatus:

1. 1 clan Pagai shot in the leg, a broken bone.

2. Yupius dogomo,

3. Aeneas Anow,

4. Edowai,

5. Chairman of KNPB ye northern sector,

6. Women 1

.Aparat Also arrested 12 members of the KNPB and Society who celebrate.

The arrest was made by Police and Brimob who served in the district. Dogiyai, they can hit, tortured and soak in the pool, until now there is the part of the apparatus.

Similarly, in Nabire district chairman of KNPB reportedly arapat capture along with 12 other Nabire.

The names of the arrested state apparatus including:

12. Sadrak Kudiai Chairman KNPB Nabire,

13. Alex Pigai Secretary KNPB Nabire,

14. Japheth Keiya PRDN

15. The Chief Commissioner Agus Tebai Diplomacy,

16. Member Kadepa Mekii KNPB,

17. Kristina Yeimo Member KNPB,

18. Hans Edowai Member KNPB,

19. Stephen Edowai Member KNPB,

20. Elijah Tebai Member KNPB,

21. Nathan Pgai Member KNPB,

22. Mote 11.Niko Member KNPB,

23. Member Kadepa Albian KNPB,

24. Goo Deserius Activists

Until recently they were detained Police at Nabire

(Telius Yikwa / Papua Media)

Lusk gets taste of international politics

Lusk gets taste of international politics

Posted: Wednesday, Nov 19th, 2014

LUSK - On occasion, even small towns can play a role in the contentious realm of international politics. Such has become the case for the high-plains town of Lusk, which is now serving as the temporary home of General  John Anari, leader of the National Liberation Army of West Papua.

Anari came to town on Saturday, October 18, at the invitation of Lusk resident Thomas Bleming.  He left temporarily on Sunday, October 26, to meet with Alfred de Zayas, the United Nations Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, and to establish a United Nations office for West Papua in New York. Anari is now back in Lusk, busying himself with the arrangement of speaking engagements around the state of Wyoming. With Bleming’s help, Anari hopes to share his perspective on the struggle between West Papuans and the Indonesians.

“I came to Lusk, Wyoming to meet with Thomas Bleming, who I have known through social media for the last four or five years,” Anari told the Herald. “Tom and I had planned to meet in Phenom Penh, Cambodia, last November. However, due to my personal security concerns, the meeting did not take place. While here in Wyoming, Tom is hosting me at his home and arranging for me to be interviewed by media organizations. We are also arranging speaking engagements.”

West Papua was a Dutch colonial dependency until 1962, when the Kingdom of the Netherlands turned the province over to the United Nations. In 1963, West Papua traded hands yet again, with the United Nations turning the region over to the Indonesian government. Six years later, West Papua was formally absorbed into Indonesia. Indonesian rule, however, has not gone uncontested. Several groups, including Anari’s National Liberation Army of West Papua, have been waging a low-level guerrilla war with Indonesia. The conflict has led to allegations of atrocities on both sides. Attacks have been conducted on Indonesian military and law enforcement and settlers of Indonesian descent have been the victims of kidnappings. Anari and other advocates of Papuan independence accuse the Indonesians of police state tactics, including exploitation, the ruthless suppression of free of expression and violence against civilians.

“In the past 53 years, the Indonesian military has murdered more than half a million people,” said Anari. “They have also exiled half a million people. The situation right now is that the National Liberation Army of West Papua controls 90 percent of the rural areas, while Indonesia controls the cities. They have taken our nation’s resources, oil, copper, gold, and natural gas. Nothing is returned to the native people. Our national flag, the Morning Star flag, which looks a lot like the American flag, is not permitted to be flown in public. Anyone publicly displaying the Morning Star flag can be imprisoned up to 15 years.”

Anari claims that he is making peaceful political activism and education his goals while residing in Lusk. The general’s campaign to inform Americans is intended to counter an alleged blackout of the facts concerning the situation in West Papua. Anari believes that Americans have been kept in the dark concerning Indonesian occupation of West Papua. Public ignorance, says Anari, is attributable to a friendly relationship between the United States government and Indonesia.  Anari asserts that this relationship has actually resulted in Western support for the Indonesian side of the conflict. The general claims that western support of the Indonesian military is forcing pro-Papuan independence forces to resort to armed conflict with their occupiers.

“The Indonesian military is guilty of genocide,” said Anari. “My mission is to do what I can to publicize what is happening in my country and to garner support for our struggle. The American public is not aware of our struggle for independence. The United States is a signatory of the U.N. Convention on Genocide. Yet Britain, France, Australia, as well as the United States has provided the Indonesian military with arms and aircraft, including Apache helicopters that the Indonesians use against the civilian population of my nation. They use them against our military forces as well. I came to the United States to offer a peaceful solution to this conflict through the U.N. However, I feel that we will have to resort to armed struggle to win our freedom and independence. Our pleas for a peaceful solution to this conflict are not being heard in the halls of Washington D.C.”

Anari contends that there are parallels between the pro-Papuan independence movement and the American Civil Rights movement. The general believes that his coalition of 15 separate rebel groups holds much in common with Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Freedom Riders of the sixties, at least from an ideological standpoint.  While speaking across Wyoming, Anari hopes to draw audiences’ attention to these commonalities.

“I am a great reader of American history,” said Anari. “Back in the fifties and sixties, your nation was embroiled in the civil rights struggle. Many people, both black and white, suffered and died to see justice prevail. The civil rights movement was non-violent. In the end, black American were given their rights as full American citizens. The problem we face in West Papua is that in the past non-violence has been met with brutal force. Indiscriminately, the Indonesian military has murdered and continues to murder anyone who simply speaks of freedom.”

Ultimately, Anari and the National Liberation Army of West Papua hope to see a transferral of government power from Indonesian authorities to their representatives. Such a transferral of power would be overseen by U.N. authorities. Anari believes that the support of Wyoming residents and Americans in general will help realize this goal. He even hopes that business ties between West Papua and Wyoming can be solidified following the establishment of a new West Papuan government.

“I am very impressed with your state,” said Anari. “Once liberation comes, I want to come back and meet your governor and try to do business with your state in the fields of energy, road construction, and other infrastructure matters.”

Given the controversial nature of Anari’s message, it has yet to be seen how audiences across Wyoming will respond to calls for support of Papuan independence. Anari , however, feels that he has received a warm reception from Lusk residents. He intends on staying in Lusk until March of 2015, when he will return to West Papua to carry on with his cause.

“In the short period I have been here, I have met several of your residents,” said Anari. “The locals have welcomed me. As the months go by, I hope to meet more. Lusk is a nice town. It’s a bit isolated, but a far cry from New York City. You should be proud that you are the least populated county in the whole United States. I am a man of the country. I live in the jungle, away from society. But I must say that my trip so far has given me great insight and knowledge.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Media release -Rallies to be held in West Papua for 6th anniversary of the KNPB.

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

Media release 19 November 2014
Rallies to be held in West Papua for 6th anniversary of the KNPB.

Today is the 6th anniversary of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) which was formed on the 19 November in 2008.

There has been a call for rallies to take place throughout West Papua to commemorate the anniversary 
In a statement to the local media, Secretary General of the KNPB, Suhuniap Ones said, anniversary will be held throughout West Papua, Sorong to Merauke.
The KNPB is calling for a referendum and rejecting and proposed division of West Papua and any new transmigration program. 

Joe Collins of AWPA said "the security forces have been targeting the KNPB because of their success in mobilising large numbers of supporters in the rallies they hold and their success in raising awareness of West Papua internationally. Hopefully the security forces will allow rallies held today to go forward peacefully".  

It should be remembered that 46 West Papua National Committee (KNPB) members were arrested on the 13 October (29 in Merauke and 17 in Jayapura) when they held rallies calling for the release of the two French Journalists. 
Joe Collins said "this is a test for the Jokiwi Government who has promised to open West Papua to foreign journalists and non-government organisations if he won the election. "Why not? It's safe here in Papua," he was quoted as saying. "There's nothing to hide."  Hopefully the security forces heard this message and will allow the West Papuan people to protest peacefully on all the issues of concern they have.


Not a mere case of bad apples: Acts of state terrorism

Not a mere case of bad  apples: Acts of state terrorism

Budi Hernawan, Jakarta | Opinion | Tue, November 18 2014, 10:22 AM

Thirteen years ago on Nov. 10 — Heroes’ Day — the Papuan leader Theys Eluay was found dead in the vicinity of Jayapura city after attending an event at the local headquarters of the Army’s Special Forces, Kopassus.

His body was left abandoned in a public place. His driver, Aristoteles Masoka, went missing, and remains unaccounted for.

On Feb. 5, 2002, as Papuan Christians celebrated the anniversary of the arrival of the first Christian missionaries in Papua, then president Megawati Soekarnoputri established a national investigation commission chaired by a retired police officer and commissioner of the national rights body, Koesparmono Irsan. The commission’s sole purpose was to investigate the case of Theys’ assassination.

As a result, Aristoteles’ fate has been ignored completely since the inception of the commission.

In its report to the president, the commission recommended the naming of six suspects from within Kopassus, but failed to offer any explanations as to why the crime was committed.

On April 21, 2003, the martial high court in Surabaya found the six Kopassus members guilty of murder and mistreatment and sentenced them to imprisonment.

Lt. Col. Hartomo, Pvt Ahmad Zulfahmi, Maj. Hutabarat and First Lt Agus were sentenced to three and a half years’ imprisonment and dismissed from the Indonesian Military (TNI), while Capt. Rionardo and Sgt Asrial were imprisoned for three years.

Nothing, however, was ever said about Aristoteles during the trial. Only his family remembers him. Later, the army chief of staff Gen. Ryamizard Ryacudu, now the defense minister, publicly praised the perpetrators as heroes.

Many inside and outside Papua may have forgotten the case. The marker of the site where Theys and Aristoteles were abducted along a hilly road outside Jayapura has been left abandoned.

Similarly, Theys’ grave, in a cemetery located across the road from Sentani airport, receives minimal public attention and respect. The story seems to be forgotten.

Meanwhile, public display of dead and or broken bodies is not novel in our history. Since the counter insurgency operation against the movements to establish an Islamic state, the DI/TII (Darul Islam / Tentara Islam Indonesia) in the 1950s, this has been a common method of state terror against Indonesia’s own citizens accused of being enemies of the state.

The tactic was used extensively during the massacre of suspected communists in 1965.

At least 500,000 people were killed that year; many of the killings were carried out in public. The method was again used during the killings of gangsters in the 1980s known as petrus (penembakan misterius/ mysterious shootings).

Many of their bodies were left abandoned in public spaces as a means of intimidation. Later, in front of the media and the public eyes, the state security apparatus did not hesitate to use the method to disperse the Papuan congress in 2011.

Hundreds of Papuans were rounded up and abused. The Papuan activist Mako Tabuni was shot in front of the public on the outskirts of Jayapura; he later died in the Bhayangkara police hospital in Jayapura.

Ironically, having been confronted with so many public atrocities, public memory has been normalized. We are no longer sensitive to or repulsed by the message of terror.

Terror is designed not only to communicate the message of state power but also to stigmatize the bodies, to make us unwilling to get any closer to them.

We do not want to get tainted. As a result, many of us have become bystanders who might believe that these people deserve such treatment because they were enemies of the state.

Is the Indonesian state responsible for such crimes? We almost always hear the standard answer from the authorities that it is all about bad apples who operate independently beyond the chain of command or misinterpret orders.

Such arguments are no longer valid. It was the Commission of Truth and Friendship for Timor Leste and Indonesia that concluded that the Indonesian state was responsible for crimes against humanity in Timor Leste in 1999.

Both Indonesia and Timor Leste came to a “conclusive” truth about the responsibility of the state for what happened in Timor Leste in 1999.

This was the first time in our history that a state body held the state responsible and accountable and thus set the precedent that the state and state institutions are not immune to justice.

Unfortunately, this investigation has had a minimal impact on our struggle to combat impunity. Just as Theys’ history has been forgotten, so too has the history of Timor Leste been erased from our consciousness.

Theys Eluay was not the only one and nor was he the last. He was only one piece of the large mosaic of silenced history of the forgotten.

Aristoteles Masoka is even more forgotten. Perhaps it is time for us to restore their dignity as a gesture of solidarity to those who have been silenced and forgotten in our history, in the wake of our commemoration of national heroes.

The writer is a research fellow at the Abdurrahman Wahid Center for Interfaith Dialogue and Peace of the University of Indonesia.

Monday, November 17, 2014

1) Papuans Behind Bars October update

2) Papuan leaders urged to work together.
3) Police searching for perpetrator of Manokwari shootout case

1) Papuans Behind Bars October update
October 2014: ‘Bloody Yotefa’: police turn a blind eye to violence against indigenous Papuans
At the end of October 2014, there were at least 69 political prisoners in Papuan jails.
At least 46 members of the West Papua National Committee (Komite Nasional Papua Barat, KNPB) were arrested in Jayapura and Merauke this month for participating in peaceful demonstrations. The demonstrators were urging the Indonesian government to release two French journalists who faced trial for breaching immigration rules. In likely reference to the Social Organisations Law (RUU Organisasi Kemasyarakatan, RUU Ormas), police claimed during the mass arrests that the KNPB is an illegal organisation as it is not registered with the Department of National Unity and Politics (Kesatuan Bangsa dan Politik, Kesbangpol) and affiliated symbols or attributes are also therefore illegal. Last June, police conducted a mass arrest in Boven Digoel under the same auspices. Indonesian human rights group Imparsial challenged the shutting down of peaceful demonstrations in Jayapura and Merauke, stating that freedom of expression in Papua is the worst in Indonesia, particularly when it comes to the treatment of KNPB rallies. The criminalisation of peaceful demonstrations, often under the auspices of the Ormas Law, restricts democratic space and stigmatises Papuan civil society groups....................................
2) Papuan leaders urged to work together.

Political developments in the context  of the right to self-determination for the indigenous Papuan people is stipulated  in Article 3 of the UN Universal Declaration Regarding the Right of Indigenous People in all parts of the world.
In my opinion, a major factor must be the need for unity of all the Papuan leaders who are involved in various political issues pertaining to  the lives of the Papuan people. This is all the more important at this present time, bearing in mind that at the beginning of December this year, a meeting will be held in Vanuatu to be attended by political activists representing the People in the Land of Papua.
This meeting will be attended by people involved in a variety of political activities. There needs to be consolidation and reconciliation for them to work together for the achievement of action in a way that is much healthier and is dedicated to the principle of peace and close co-operation.
This is clearly evident from the fact that when the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) is to hold a meeting to be held in December 2014, the application to attend was rejected because there was a lack of unity between the various groups campaigning for political issues being pursued by organisations campaigning on a variety of issues in Papua. Although the West Papua  Coalition for Liberation and the National Coalition for West Papua both applied to attend that meeting,  their applications were not accepted because neither of them could be said to have the support of all the people of Papua.
In my opinion and as a senior legal activist for the people of Papua, I herewith call upon all those struggling for leading political
issues to seriously think about the need for unity and unanimity among the indigenous Papua people without regard for regional area, various
different clans, background issues or other political matters. The political agenda for achieving the right to self-determination
is universally accepted as a basic human right and is not in conflict with the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.
 Nor should this struggle be seen as a movement for separatism which could in any way damage Indonesia's national interests because the
Papuan struggle in being undertaken purely by peaceful means. This is clear from the National Dialogue held on 22 January 1999 at the
presidential palace during the presidency  of Professor B.J Habibie as well as at the Second Papuan Congress held in 2000 when it was
emphasised that this struggle would be undertaken by peaceful means, rejecting all forms of violence.   This means that at this moment, all actions and intentions should
be undertaken in accordance with a united memorandum of all our forces and groups.
 In 2010, the Peace Congress held in Abepura-Jayapura established the principle indicators for a peaceful struggle in accordance with
criteria formulated by the late Dr John Otto Ondowame in Vanuatu, Rex Rumakiek  in Australia, Benny Wenda in Oxford, UK as well as
Octovianus Motte in the USA and Lionine Tanggahma in The Netherlands. They all undertook a number of important activities  within the
context of political actions along with a number of international agencies as well as the Government of Indonesia. 
  This clearly reinforces the need for unity between all the political leaders who need to clarify their diplomatic mandate and show that they respect the principle of struggle in accordance with the mechanism made possible under international law.
Yan Christian Warinussy, Executive-Director of the LP3BH and recipient of the John Humphreys Award in 2005 in Canada, as well as a human rights defender and member of the Steering Committee of Forum Kerjasama and Secretary of the Human Rights Commission-Papua
 Translated by Carmel Budiardjo

3) Police searching for perpetrator of Manokwari shootout case

Senin, 17 November 2014 21:48 WIB | 293 Views
Manokwari, W Papua (ANTARA News) - The Manokwari Resort Police are still on the lookout for a suspect, alias ON, who is believed to have killed a person in Oransbari Sub-district of Manokwari, West Papua Province, in September 2014.

"The suspect and his gun have not yet been found by the police," Chief of Manokwari Resort Police Senior Commissioner Adjunct Jhony Edison Isir stated here on Monday.

The police had encountered difficulties in tracking the suspect as he had fled to the jungle and was always on the move, Jhony noted.

He revealed that the Manokwari Police will take necessary efforts to trace the suspect to be prosecuted under the law.

The police have approached the suspects family to persuade ON to surrender.

The officer has also approached a local leader and religious figure to assist the police in persuading ON to immediately surrender to police.

"The Criminal Investigations Unit has distributed the search list to all the police sectors to search ON," Jhony remarked.

The chief noted that the police have considered the shooting incident that claimed the life of Ridwan in September 2014 as a special case. Thus, the police will continue its search efforts until the suspect is arrested.(*)